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Chaos Tackle 20/20 Assault Sticks Now in Stock at 5/0 Sports!

5/0 Sports is pleased to announce that we now have Chaos Tackle 20/20 Assault Sticks in Stock!

Chaos Tackle is proud to introduce a new line of rods that has never been seen or felt before in the musky market. These telescopic rods are made with the lightest, yet strongest blanks and materials money can buy, yet are priced well below other "high end" rods found in the industry. From the Fuji Tangle Free K-Guides with Silicon Carbide rings to the Fuji DPS reel seats and the premium cork handles, you can be assured nothing was looked past or skimped on when creating these rods. Just like the Assault Stick Originals, these rods will be available in a wide variety of lengths, weights and actions to suit all of your casting needs. Welcome to the future of musky rods, the Assault Stick 20/20 will change the way you thought about long, bulky rods and will be the new standard in which musky rods will be compared to. The future of musky rods is here!