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KVD's Top Strike King Crank Bait Colours!

KVD's Top Strike King Crankbait Colours:

If you think Sexy Shad is Kevin VanDam's favourite crankbait colour, you'd be right ... but only a third of the time. "Sexy shad is great in a lot of situations, but KVD only chooses it about 30 percent of the time, based on its fit for the conditions. KVD defines crankbait conditions, and subsequently his colour of choice, by three parameters: 1) Water colour, 2) Season, 3) Available forage.

Here are the Strike King colours KVD predominantly uses, that you can count on all year depending upon the parameters listed above.

Orange/Red Craw Patterns (#562, #564, #569, #648, #667): Throw the craw patterns in the earliest part of spring, no matter what the water clarity is. Also a good choice anytime when the main forage is crayfish.

Chartreuse/Black Back (#535): A top choice for dirty water all year long. Also a top pick during the spawn when the water is heavily stained. Also use this colour in post spawn conditions, in off-coloured water that is stained or dirty to the point that you can't see the lure more than 12 to 18 inches below the surface.

Bluegill (#622): A favourite colour around the spawn, as long as the water is clear to the point you can see the lure at least 18 to 24 inches beneath the surface. Also a good choice any time the main forage is bluegills.

Sexy Shad (#590): The best colour when the water has a pretty heavy or darker green tint to it, to the point of being stained, and the shad are the predominant forage. The best all-round shad imitator there is.

Chartreuse Sexy Shad (#538): A variation of sexy shad, but is a little more visible. Chartreuse sexy shad is great on any body of water were the water has a little colour in it.

Summer Sexy Shad (#652): This is a subtle version of sexy shad that is used largely during the warmest time of the year, as its name suggest, when the water is pretty clear, rather than heavily stained, and shad are present.

Green Gizzard Shad (#568): This is a little better choice than Sexy Shad if the water is really, really clear and there are plenty of shad present.