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Kamooki Smart Fish Now Available at 5/0 Sports!

5/0 Sports is pleased to announce the Kamooki Smart Fish is now available for Sale in our Hard Bait section under Hybrid Baits!

Kamooki's patented technology is what really separates the SmartFish™ from all other lures. The secret of the SmartFish™ is in harnessing the intricate relationship between the buoyant and non-buoyant properties. This is best demonstrated when the lure is resting on structure, where remarkably, the SmartFish™ maintains its upright profile on a single contact point. It is in this position, that the SmartFish™ achieves mechanical equilibrium. Through the harmony of its precisely crafted zinc keel and bottom-heavy design, integrated with a beautiful, uniquely shaped body, the SmartFish™ comes alive!

The Kamooki SmartFish™ features a smooth, laterally compressed bait fish body, and assumes a natural head-down, tail-up profile when its unique, precision engineered zinc keel rests on any structure.

When retrieved, the SmartFish™ displays a tight vibrating action with accentuated side to side tail wag motion. When the SmartFish™ is vertically jigged, it vibrates as the rod tip is raised and slowly flutters down when the rod tip is dropped – all the while tracing forward in a circular pattern.

The astonishing properties of the SmartFish™ are all utilized when fishing bottom structure. Bounce it along the bottom from one point to the next, allowing the bait to truly hug the contour being fished.

The single treble hook design attached to the tail, coupled with the constant vertical position, make the SmartFish™ remarkably snag-resistant.


Crank your SmartFishTM across the top of vegetation or along weed lines and watch its uniquely erratic rattling and vibrating action trigger the intrinsic predatory response of game fish. This technique is particularly effective for Largemouth Bass and Northern Pike.


Crawl, walk or run your SmartFishTM across bottom structure and start catching the fish you've been missing! The patented SmartFish™ technology enables you to work even the most unforgiving underwater terrain as fast or as slowly as you want. This technique is irresistible to Smallmouth Bass, Lake Trout and Walleye.


Vertical jig your SmartFishTM in open or hard water seasons throughout the column of water. When pumped, your SmartFish™ will swim in a circular pattern, rattling and vibrating to telegraph its location through the water. This technique is especially alluring to Lake Trout and Walleye.

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