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RS Nets Now in Stock!

5/0 Sports is very happy to Announce that we are now an Authorized representative of RS Landing Nets USA!

In the past 5 years RS Nets has set a new Standard in Landing Net design, and is now considered by many in the USA as the Best Landing Net Available today!  Built entirely in the USA, RS Nets is now setting the New Standard in Landing Net Ergonomics and Configurability, & Customization!  Already considered the "Gold Standard" for Walleye Charter Captains on the South Shore of Lake Erie, RS Nets is now making a reputation in both the U.S. Bass and Muskie worlds as a rugged, ergonomic net that can be configured to fit a multitude of specific fishing situations and conditions.

5/0 Sports is very blessed to have the unique opportunity to help deliver this Exciting New Product into the Canadian marketplace.

Custom Special Orders also Available.