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The Dobyns 806CB Crankbait Rod

This new rod from Gary Dobyns was specifically designed for large deep diving crankbaits. Large baits like the Strike King 10 XD, Lucktcraft S.K.T. 110MR & S.K.T. Mag 120 DR crankbaits really requires a little more rod to throw it perfectly. The 8 foot length helps take the work out of launching  a big bait. The longer the cast....the longer your baits runs at their deepest depths making them far more efficient.  A heavy power rating provides the brawn, while the moderate-fast action allows just the right flexibility needed to load the rod up on the back-cast and absorb the shock of a large fish head-thrashing with a mouth full of crankbait.

Paul Mueller on the new Dobyns 806 CB

Dobyns 806CB featured in May 2014 issue of FLW Magazine "Magnum Brankbait Rods"