Big Mamma Twis'td Sis'tr - Ball Licker

Big Mama Twis'td Sis'tr

The Twis'td Sis'tr with it's distinctive slow rotation with deep plops has been a consistent producing tail bait since day one. The Twis'td Sis'tr has a well earned reputation for producing huge fish. Hand made out of cedar you will find a thru wire construction, a swiveled front hook and a stainless steel blade that you can tune and stays tuned. The back hook is shrink tubed to hold it in the perfect hooking position. Twis'td Sis'tr comes standard with a 3/0 Premium Black Trident Treble Hook on the front and a 4/0 on the back.

Length: 6 in

Weight: 2.9 oz

Colour: Ball Licker (Custom Show Colour)


2.9 oz

Price: $40.00

Availability: In Stock