TI Osky Glide Bait - Black Perch

Osky TM Drop Belly Glider Lure for Musky and Northern Pike.
The deadly Osky drop belly shad shaped glider lure has an unbelievable wild gliding action that really triggers musky and pike into a reaction strike. The weight is perfect to slow sink and was made to be worked with small twitches. A great early springtime and fall bait!

This great little drop belly glider musky lure is ideal for fishing over the tops of deep weeds, rocks or reefs. The Osky it truly an extremely versatile Musky and Pike catching machine. Deadly side-to-side action with a great "belly flash"!  Versatile lure that can also be  cranked, ripped, twitched, or jerk!


Length:  6 in.

Weight:  3.6 oz.

Pattern:  Black Perch

ROF:  3" per second

Made from high impact ABS
Two 5/0 heavy Musky hooks
Through wire construction


3.6 oz

Price: $14.99

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