Xzone Original Slammer #103 - Watermelon/Purple, white Floating Tail

Xzone 4" Slammer:

When the pros come north, the Slammer is a go-to bait for them. The X Zone Slammer has helped skyrocket the popularity of the drop-shot rig as it consistently produces tournament winning bags.

The Slammer has since been used by largemouth and smallmouth bass fisherman alike, providing the ability to mimic a minnow, goby, sculpin, leech, shad and shiner. Slammers are perfect for Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass and Walleye.
100% True Hand Pour Means More Naturally Moving Baits

What is the true secret behind the Slammer and all X Zone baits? These baits are 100% True Hand Pour. Using this technique to make the baits takes longer than traditional injection molding, but the end result is a bait that is durable yet incredibly supple, which is key in duplicating the subtleties of nature.

Length: 4"

Colour:  Watermelon/Purple, white Floating Tail (#103)

8 per pack



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